Nature Bee Wraps

Nature Bee Lovers Variety set - Beeswax Wrap


Inspired by all of the incredible things that bees do. From nourishing our environment to creating the beautiful beeswax that we use to make our wraps. Bee's are amazing! We are so in awe of what bees can do. Did you know that the best way to help honeybees is to make sure that there are plenty of flowers near by!! 

This package contains 1 small beeswax wrap, 1 medium beeswax wrap and 1 large beeswax wrap. Please note that you will not get the exact images show on the display as we cut the wraps at different parts of the pattern. They will be as close as we can.


Small Beeswax Wraps:  Approximately 20cm x 20cm  (7.87402 Inches * 7.87402 inches) 

Great for small snacks like carrots, crackers, cookies, apple slices, oranges and more.

Medium Beeswax Wraps: Approximately 25cm x 25cm  (9.84252 inches * 9.84252 inches)

Best for half-cut peppers, cheese, cut veggies and covering leftovers.

Large Beeswax Wraps: Approximately 35cm x 35cm  (13.7795 inches * 13.7795 inches) 

Perfect for sandwiches,  lettuce and herbs, covering containers with no lid, and bundling items together like loose veggies.

Customer Reviews

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Great wraps and beautiful designs

Great fun product

I bought this set along with a couple of others and I just love them! I'm so happy when I open my fridge and see the colourful packages 😍

Everybody MUST buy!

This is my third package I've ordered from Nature Bee, and I am so thrilled with these beeswax wraps. They are so easy to use with great cling, and they smell absolutely amazing (but don't leave that smell on any of the food you are wrapping). This package was ordered for a friend as I think these make the perfect gifts as well! So cute. Great patterns. Great for the environment...DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY!!!!!!

Great product

I love using these instead of wasting plastic, they work great and smell good. Easy to rinse & reuse. I use them to wrap sandwiches, snacks or leftovers to put in the fridge. Super cute designs as well. I bought myself a set w/the outdoor mountain print and also bought a few sets for my mother & mother in law for Christmas.


Excellent product!

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