How do we do it?

Custom beeswax wraps are a unique way to get your brand into the hands and homes of loyal customers, employees, and partners, all while highlighting the importance of sustainability. To help us ensure that your brand is represented at the highest capacity we gather your design and/or logo, fix up branded packaging and get to work. First we print the fabric, then we run it through our waxer, and finally we cut and package. Your custom wraps are hand crafted with care at each step of the process!

Customization Options:


Your custom beeswax wraps will have your company's logo, colours and/or design. Send us your preferred pattern or leave it to our design team!


We can also customize the packaging to match your brand needs. If you would like something specific written on the package let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.


Whether you’re a big company with thousands of employees or a small business looking for unique ways to grow, we can meet your needs.

Sizing Options:


20cm * 20cm
Great for small snacks like carrots, crackers, cookies, apple slices, oranges and more.


25cm * 25cm
Best for half-cut peppers, cheese, cut veggies and covering leftovers.


35cm * 35cm
Perfect for sandwiches, covering containers with no lid, and bundling items together like loose veggies.