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Beeswax Wrap Variety Set - Ocean Lovers | Nature Bee

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Inspired by our love and passion for conserving the ocean and its creatures! The Ocean Lovers set is made with love as a reminder to keep our oceans plastic-free.


  • 1 large beeswax wrap → 35 x 35 cm, perfect for sandwiches, lettuce, covering containers, and bundling items together like loose carrots
  • 1 medium beeswax wrap → 25 x 25 cm, best for half-cut veggies or fruit, cheese and covering leftovers
  • 1 small beeswax wrap → 20 x 20 cm, great for small snacks like baby berries, crackers, cookies, apple slices, oranges, and more


  • Made from 100% cotton, pine tree resin, jojoba oil, and Vancouver Island sourced beeswax
  • Durable & reusable: lasts ~ 9-12 months / up to 300 uses with proper care
  • Sustainable: biodegradable & compostable
  • Made right here on the island by our small but mighty team
  • Bright & fun: brings a pop of colour to your kitchen
  • Eco-friendly: each use helps reduce single-use plastic from entering landfills and oceans

Caution - beeswax wraps are flammable and can melt; keep away from heat. Do not use with raw meat. Do not microwave. Wash with cool water, soap and a gentle tool; do not wash with hot water or abrasive tools.

    Beeswax Wrap Variety Set - Ocean Lovers | Nature Bee
    Beeswax Wrap Variety Set - Ocean Lovers | Nature Bee

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 76 reviews
    Consistently High Quality

    I have ordered Nature Bee beeswax wraps many times over the past few years and I love them every time! They are consistently high quality, beautifully designed, and very effective! I’m a big fan of this small business!

    Mary Rose Saccu
    Saving the planet one Beeswax wrap at a time.

    I really enjoy the Beeswax wraps. The wraps work well and they are helping the planet. No more plastic wrap.


    Price and quality are reasonable.

    L Douglas Hughes
    Awesome and sustainable product!

    Highly recommended!

    Brandon Maggs
    Amazing 👏

    I have been using the wraps to replace saranwrap for everyday use and it is a very good quality product A+ easy to manipulate, easy to clean for reuse 🤙🏽👌 once I find the need to replace the ones I have you bet I will be purchasing again. Live helping local and same nation small businesses keep up the good work! 👍