The Planet Friendly Alternative to Plastic Wrap

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Nature Bee Wraps

Meet Katie

Katie is the  founder of Nature Bee Beeswax Wraps. Katie discovered beeswax wraps while she was travelling Europe in the fall of 2017. She went to visit her cousin Carly in England and arrived to the wonderful smell of beeswax. Carly had just started her own beeswax wrap business and Katie helped to create product and learn the value of using a beeswax wrap over plastic wrap. Since she arrived back to Canada in January 2018 she has been inspired to reduce single use plastic and help protect our planet. Katie recently graduated from the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria where she used her entrepreneurship specialization to learn about creating her own beeswax wrap business. Making beeswax wraps and sharing how incredible they are has become her passion. She hopes that everyone who purchases Nature Bee Wraps loves them as much as she does! 

How to use your nature bee beeswax wrap

create a snack pack with your beeswax wrap

Cover your leftovers with a beeswax wrap!

Pack your sandwich in a beeswax wrap instead of plastic wrap

What are beeswax wraps?

Beeswax wraps are the planet friendly alternative to plastic wrap. They are made from 100% cotton, beeswax, resin and jojoba oil.