High quality, Natural and reusable

Sustainable Home Goods

Dissolvable Cleaning Tablets, plastic-free Beeswax Food Wraps, compostable Swedish Dishcloths, and more!

Low waste cleaning essentials

Dissolvable Cleaning Tablets

Concentrated cleaning tablets that dissolve to make your foaming hand soap, multi-purpose spray, and other home cleaners!

All natural and reusable

Beeswax Food Wraps

Plastic free food wraps that keep food fresh for longer, eliminate waste from your kitchen, and come in a variety of bright colourful designs.

Absorbent, Reusable and Biodegradable

Swedish Dishcloth

The best environmentally friendly kitchen towel for your sustainable home.
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How to Use Our Products

  • A beautiful glass foaming hand soap dispenser is being filled up with warm water from the sink, and then a foaming hand soap tablet is being dropped in and dissolves into a beautiful foamy soap.

    Dissolvable Soap Tablets

    Fill your foaming soap dispenser with 350ml of warm filtered water, drop in one tablet, wait for it to dissolve fully before using.

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    Swedish Dishcloths

    Dishcloths are stiff when dry, but soft when wet! Use it to wash dishes, clean up spills, tidy surfaces and more!

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    Dissolvable Spray Tablets

    Fill your spray bottle with 500ml of warm filtered water, drop in one tablet, wait for it to dissolve fully before using!

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  • Hands activating a beeswax wrap by crumpling it, and then using the wrap to fold up produce. The produce is stored in the fridge and then the wrap is washed in the sink after use.

    Beeswax Food Wraps

    Activate your wrap before wrapping produce, bowls, snacks and more! Our wraps are Washable and Reusable!

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The Nature Bee Story

What started as a school project in our founder's basement has grown into a full scale production...

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People Love Nature Bee

We love Nature Bee Wraps and purchased these for gifts when we visit family in April. We get to brag about your amazing all-women business, educate our friends about Downs Syndrome, and support Sarah in her work with you. Nature Bees knows that inclusion is not about performance, but about participation. Go team Nature Bees! Go Sarah!


I love Nature Bee's wraps!!!! Definitely recommend! I have bought from other brands, which are not as good as Nature bees. it smells good and works well!


I love my Swedish Dish cloths! So pretty and works great!


These cloths are so good—compact, never drippy, easy to keep clean, virtuous in their benefit to the environment and flexible enough to do the job once slightly softened with water, quick-drying and cute! I’m very happy with my purchase. They seem to be lasting well too, after over 6 weeks of daily use.


Best dissolving tablets I've purchased. Lots of foam & very soapy. Great product.


I wish I'd started using these cleaning tabs sooner. They work well and they smell so good. Couldn't imagine using other cleaners again.

flatlay image of beeswax wrap sets that have customised patterns and packaging. The wraps are all different colours and sizes and feature brands such as lush cosmetics, Baby bel, Kaitlin Hargreves, Natures Path and more

Make it personal

Custom Eco Products

Looking for a unique way to spread the word about your organization? Partner with us to create custom branded beeswax wraps or Swedish dishcloths.

make it custom
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