Nature Bee Beeswax Wraps

The all natural reusable beeswax food wrap

Nature Bee Bees Wraps are 100% reusable, eliminate plastic from your kitchen, keep your food fresh for longer, and come in a variety of colorful designs.  

Reusable Food Wrap

How to use a beeswax wrap

Nature Bee Beeswax Wraps - Flowers

wraps with a purpose

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Meet The Nature Bee Team

We are so proud to be a Canadian, woman run business. Check out how Nature Bee got to where it is today, and meet the whole Nature Bee team!

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Nature Bee Beeswax Wraps - Reusable Food Wraps. Founder Katie Gamble

How to use beeswax wraps

Wrap it

Use your Nature Bee Beeswax Wraps to store your cut fruits and vegetables, wrap up cheese, bread and cover bowls. This will help to keep your food fresher for longer.

How to use beeswax wraps

Wash it

Our beeswax wraps will last for 9 -12 months. Wipe off any residue with a cold wet cloth or use a gentle soap and scrub off. Rinse with cold water only. Never Hot!

How to use beeswax wraps

Reuse it

Lay them to dry and store them rolled up in a mason jar or folded in a drawer. They will last for around 9-12 months with proper care.