Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions!

Beeswax Wraps

Storage and Care

Q: Can they go in the fridge?

A: YES! Nature Bee wraps are great for storing your half cut fruits and vegetablesin the fridge. This includes items like lettuce, cheese, avocados, cover bowls etc.

Q: How do I store them?

A: We suggest storing them rolled up in a jar, or folded in a drawer away from heat or direct sun.

Q:How do I wash them?

For small messes take a Swedish dishcloth, wipe them off and lay them to dry.

For a bigger mess you can take cold water, a gentle soap (alcohol free) and wipe them off. Rinse in cold water and lay to dry. Never use hot or warm water!

Wrapping questions

Can you wrap warm or hot things in them?

We do NOT recommend using them on hot/warm items, in the microwave, in the oven, on the stove, in the dishwasher, in the washing machine etc. This may result in permanent damage to your beeswax wraps or even cause a potential fire hazard. If you are looking to cover leftovers make sure they cool down completely before covering them. Steam will cause the beeswax wraps to sweat and lose their stickiness.

Can you  wrap anything?

Almost! We do not suggest wrapping raw meats or cooked meats directly, but you can put them in a bowl and cover with a beeswax wrap so that you avoid any direct contamination.

We advise you to ‘play it safe’ and avoid contact with these sorts of items. Citrus fruits work well in our beeswax wraps but not for long periods of time, especially pineapple. If the fruit is too acidic it will eat away at the  beeswax wrap over time. However short periods of time (3-5 days) are great and will keep your fruits fresher.

Can oil touch the beeswax wrap?

Nature Bee beeswax wraps can cover items that contain oil however we advise against your beeswax wraps touching directly with lots of oil. This will cause the beeswax wrap to get oil stained.

Will they stain?

Some foods like beets or peppers may stain your beeswax wrap, but this will not harm the function or quality of the beeswax wrap. Food that might stain your hands or cutting board are likely the same foods that would stain your beeswax wraps.

Will they stain my food?

NO. Our beeswax wraps will not leave a stain on your food.

Will my food smell like beeswax?

There is a slight chance that your food may temporarily have a light beeswax smell to them. This is not permanent or common, but it can happen, especially when new beeswax wraps are left on an item for a long period of time.

Why isn’t my beeswax wrap sticky?

Your beeswax wrap will need to be activated. Scrunch the  beeswax wrap in and out to activate the ingredients. This will create the tacky feeling you want when covering your food or bowls. 

Safety and cautions

Are they flammable?

YES. These beeswax wraps are easily flammable and will catch on fire if in direct contact or indirect contact with a strong heat source or flame.

Are they waterproof?

Our beeswax wraps are not waterproof, but the beeswax coating allows them to be highly resistant to water and liquids.

Are the ingredients safe?

All the ingredients are completely food safe for people and pets. These beeswax wraps and the ingredients will not tamper with your food or personal health.

Can I use these beeswax wraps if I am allergic to bees?

We advise you to speak directly with your doctor and make a decision based on your own knowledge. 

After consulting a published article, we found that “a direct relationship between allergy to bee products and bee venom has not been shown”.If you have an established beeswax allergy, DO NOT use these beeswax wraps.

Can I travel with them?

This will vary depending on the country you are travelling to. Check with the local standards on beeswax products. 

My food went mouldy and it touched the beeswax wrap, is it safe?

This is up to your own discretion, however this will depend on your environment and the stage of your food item. Try to wash it off, and if there is only a small bit of mould and it comes off easily it is likely okay to continue using. However if it is anything more severe than this, please feel free to email us and we can help you determine some options. We do not advise using the beeswax wrap if mould is growing in/from the beeswax wrap itself. Please exercise caution when deciding the safety of the beeswax wrap, your health is of the highest importance. 

Wrap anatomy

Why do they smell?

Our beeswax wraps have a light beeswax-y smell due to the natural behaviour of the raw product. Natural beeswax that is pure will have a slight odour that many people find relaxing and pleasant. This smell is completely natural, and is a good sign that your beeswax wraps are made from pure and natural beeswax. Most people LOVE this smell. 

What makes them sticky?

The pine tree resin and beeswax used in our beeswax wraps result in a slightly tacky touch to our beeswax wraps. This sticky feeling is what makes these beeswax wraps so effective at beeswax wrapping your food and dishes. This feeling will slightly decrease as you keep using the beeswax wraps. It is totally natural! 

Where are these made?

These beeswax wraps are made in beautiful Victoria, B.C, Canada! We live and work on a beautiful island just off the Coast of Vancouver B.C.

What are these made of?

Our beeswax wraps are made of 100% Natural Beeswax, Pine resin, Jojoba oil, and Cotton.

Why not use plastic wrap or plastic bags?

Plastic wrap is a soft plastic that is not easily recycled and not often accepted to be recycled. Causing you to produce unnecessary plastic waste. Plastics are made  from petrochemicals which are toxic for the environment. These chemicals can be  harmful in humans and though common today in the kitchen, have not always been a food safe product. Plastic wrap was originally invented by accident. Plastic wrap is largely known to create a large amount of waste, which is why many  people are looking for reusable and functional alternatives, like beeswax wraps. 

What sizes of beeswax wrap do you have / What size should I buy?

We have four sizes of beeswax wraps: Small, Medium, Large and Jumbo. Jumbo Beeswax Wraps → 45 x 65cm, perfect for covering leftovers, large casserole dishes, baking, or even a loaf of bread. Large  Beeswax Wraps → 35 x 35 cm, perfect for sandwiches, lettuce, covering containers, and bundling items together like loose carrots. Medium Beeswax Wraps → 25 x 25 cm, best for half-cut veggies or fruit, cheese and covering leftovers. Small  Beeswax Wraps → 20 x 20 cm, great for small snacks like baby berries, crackers, cookies, apple slices, oranges, and more.

We recommend starting out with a Beeswax Wrap Variety Set! This include 1 Small, 1 Medium and 1  Large so you can try out all three sizes and see which one is your favourite!

Why not just make beeswax wraps myself?

You are absolutely welcome to do this. We have a kit on our website that you can use or if you are wanting a challenge you can gather the ingredients on your own. Keep in mind that it will cost you more and cause a little bit of a mess. 

Can I buy these beeswax wraps wholesale for my store?

Yes! If you are interested in wholesaling Nature Bee products, please email or check out our profile on Faire. Please see our “Wholesale” page  for more information.

Swedish Dishcloths

General Product Information

What are the Nature Bee Swedish Dishcloths made of?

Our dishcloths are made of cotton fabric scraps that would otherwise end up in landfills and wood cellulose. Our patterns are made using a water based environmentally friendly ink, dyed with Global Organic Textile Standard colours.

Is the colouring of the patterns on beeswax wraps and dishcloths safe?

Yes! Our patterns are made using a water based environmentally friendly ink, dyed with Global Organic Textile Standard colours. 

How long do Swedish dishcloths last?

Swedish Dishcloths are very durable! They can last 7 - 12 months with proper care. 

Why are Swedish dishcloths stiff and dry?

Due to the natural ingredients our Swedish dishcloths will be stiff when dry but pliable when wet.

Product Use and Care

How do I use a Swedish dishcloth?

Take your Swedish Dishcloth and soak in some water, then squeeze out the excess liquid and you’re ready to go! You can use it for washing dishes, wiping up spills or general household cleaning.

How many times can you reuse a Swedish dishcloth?

Swedish Dishcloths can last 7 - 12 months with proper care. This will depend on the number of times that you are using your dishcloth. If you let your cloth completely dry out between uses it will last longer. 

How do I wash my Swedish dishcloth?

There are 3 ways to clean your Swedish Dishcloth. In the dishwasher → place your Swedish Dishcloth in the top rack and wash it with your dishes. In the washing machine → throw your Swedish Dishcloth in the washing machine with any load, any temperature, and hang to dry (do not tumble dry). In boiling water → place your Swedish Dishcloth a pot full of water on the stove & boil to sanitize it.

Can I put my Swedish dishcloth in the dryer?

No! We do not recommend putting your dishcloth in the dryer. Please hang them to dry. 

Spray Cleaner Tablets

Product Use

How do I use spray cleaner tablets?

Just fill your spray bottle with 500ml of warm water ( we recommend using filtered water, or boiled water that has cooled down - use caution), drop in one spray tablet, wait for the tablet to dissolve fully, place the lid back on and then it is ready for use! 

Can I use my own spray bottle?

Yes, if you don’t have a Nature Bee spray bottle you can use your own bottle from home! Just be sure it fits 500ml of water. 

How long do I need to wait for the tablet to dissolve?

The dissolving process should take about 10-15 mins give or take!

What temperature water should I use?

We recommend using warm filtered water, or boiled water that has cooled down - use caution. 

Can I shake the bottle to speed up the dissolving process?

We do not recommend shaking the bottle as this can cause pressure to build up inside your bottle and could lead to the liquid spraying out when you open it up.

Can I use tap water?

Yes! But we recommend you check the water hardness in the area you live in. Hard water can affect how the tablet dissolves and performs, so we recommend using filtered water to ensure the best results.

Foaming Hand Soap Tablets

Product Use

How do I use foaming hand soap tablets?

Just fill your foaming hand soap bottle with 350ml of warm water ( we recommend using filtered water, or boiled water that has cooled down - use caution), drop in one foaming hand soap tablet, wait for the tablet to dissolve fully, place the lid back on and then it is ready for use! 

If you don’t have a Nature Bee foaming hand soap bottle and want to use your own from home, just make sure to use 350ml for foaming  hand soap tablets  and 500ml for multipurpose spray tablets!

Can I use my own foaming hand soap dispenser?

Yes, if you don’t have a Nature Bee foaming hand soap bottle you can use your own bottle from home! Just be sure it fits 350ml of water, and has a foaming hand soap pump. 

How long do I need to wait for the tablet to dissolve?

The dissolving process should take about 10-15 mins give or take!

What temperature water should I use?

We recommend using warm filtered water, or boiled water that has cooled down - use caution. 

Why should I use filtered water to make my hand soap?

We  recommend using filtered water or cooled down  boiled water when dissolving your tablets because of various hard water conditions. Hard water can cause your pumps to clog and become stiff. 

Can I shake the bottle to speed up the dissolving process?

We do not recommend shaking the bottle as this can cause pressure to build up inside your bottle and could lead to the liquid spraying out when you open it up.

Can I use tap water?

Yes! But we recommend you check the water hardness in the area you live in. Hard water can affect how the tablet dissolves and performs, so we recommend using filtered water to ensure the best results.\

My pump stopped working - how can I fix this?

Flush pump with hot water:

  • Remove the pump nozzle from the soap bottle and place the hose in a small bowl of hot water
  • Pump the hot water through the nozzle until it runs clear and is no longer soapy (5-10 pumps).
  • Remove the pump hose from the water bowl and pump through remaining water until nothing comes out.

Flush pump with vinegar:

  • Place the pump hose in a small bowl of vinegar
  • Pump the vinegar through the nozzle (10-15 pumps or until it does not feel stiff anymore) 
  1. Flush pump with hot water again
  2. Use as normal! 

Powder To Gel Dishsoap

Product Use

Why is my dishsoap gel clumpy?

If you leave it over night and it should completely dissolve to be a smooth gel. Sometimes it just takes more time to active and mix together. 

How much water should I use?

You can use between 500-700ml of water depending on the consistency you prefer. 

What container should I put it in?

You can reuse an old dish soap container that will fit 500-700ml of water in it or you can purchase one that fits your homes style and can dispenser gel. 

What ingredient does the cleaning?

Here are the ingredients and their purpose. 

SODIUM C14-16 OLEFIN SULFONATE is a natural disinfectant as is citric acid. Both of these work to disinfect however we DO NOT add an antibacterial product to our dish soap as these are often highly toxic and damaging to water ways. 

SODIUM C14-16 OLEFIN SULFONATE - Coconut based surfactant for cleansing and foaming

CELLULOSE CM - Thickening and stabalizing agent 

CITRIC ACID - breaks down hard water, balances the pH levels and makes the soap in the detergent work better

SODIUM BENZOATE- Natural Preservative - Extends the life of dish soap and prevents mold and yeast from colonizing 

FRAGRANCE - Adds a beautiful smell. Made without many known allergens

Does it cut grease?

It sure does!! Our suds do a great job at pulling off grease from your dishes. It might take a little extra scrubbing and soap to get it the way you would like it but it does a great job at tackling grease! 

Is the price comparable to other soaps? 

Yes - in fact it’s often cheaper than other natural and sustainable companies. Please note that when comparing prices to look at the ML in each. Our product does not contain harmful chemicals either!

Dishwasher Tablets

Product Use

Do I have to keep the outside casing on the dishwasher tablet?

No, you are welcome to remove it if you prefer as its purpose is to keep the tablet from exposure to moisture and from crumbling. Please compost the wrappers if you take them off. 

What is the casing made of?

It is made of polyvinyl alcohol and is water soluble 

What settings does it work best on?

1 tab  = 1 use, only with a dishwasher

For normal dishes : 1 tab with a program at 45°C/113°F and rinsing program at 50°c (122°F) 

For very dirty dishes or in case of extreme water hardness : 1 tab with a progam at 65°C / 149 °F rinsing program at 50°c (122°F) 

  • Check regularly whether the filter is clean
  • Remove food scraps from the dishes
  • Put the tab in the detergent dispenser of your dishwasher. 
  • Wash your hands after use. If the wrapper is water-soluble, do not manipulate the product with wet hands.
  • The use of salt and rinse aid is recommended in case of very hard water (TH >35°C). 

Do no put the following objects in the dishwasher :

  • Old China dishes
  • Crystal glasses
  • Hand-painted, gold or silver dishes. Wood, horn, copper or aluminium objects

Avoid direct contact of silver or silvered metal with other metallic objects.

Observe the guidelines of your dishwasher manufacturer

Do they contain SLS or parabens?

Our dishwasher tablets are made WITHOUT SLS and parabens

Shower Steamers

Product Use

What is the scent from?

We use 100% pure eucalyptus oil and menthol crystals

How do shower steamers work?

Shower steamers are placed on the shower floor away from the direct stream of water. When the water splashes them they start to dissolve and release the aromatic scents into the steam creating a spa-like atmosphere. 

Are they safe for sensitive skin??

Most shower steamers are safe for sensitive skin, but it's essential to check the ingredients to ensure they don't contain any irritants. Opt for those specifically designed for sensitive skin if you're concerned.

Can I use multiple shower steamers at once for a stronger effect? 

You can use multiple shower steamers for a stronger fragrance, but be mindful not to overdo it, as the scents can become overpowering.

How long does the scent of a shower steamer last?

The scent of a shower steamer typically lasts for the duration of your shower. It may linger in the bathroom for a while after use. If you have a quick shower you can remove the steamer and keep it for an additional shower.

What are the key ingredients in shower steamers?

Citric acid - creates the fizz that releases the aromatherapy scents 

Sodium Bicarbonate- creates the fizz that releases the aromatherapy scents 

Corn Starch - Helps hold the shape of the steamers while also slowing down the release of our scents to create a lasting shower st

Witch hazel - liquid binder and protects the essential oils

Menthol Cyrstals - aromatherapy scents

Eucalyptus - aromatherapy scents

Are shower steamers environmentally friendly? Yes ours are, but keep an eye out for ingredients and avoid clay when possible as this can clog your drains.  

Can I use shower steamers in a bathtub? Shower steamers are primarily designed for use in showers. We do not recommend bathing in them 

Do shower steamers help with congestion or cold symptoms? Yes, our shower steamers have eucalyptus or mentholated scents that can help ease congestion and provide relief from cold symptoms when inhaled during a hot shower.

Are there any age restrictions for using shower steamers? Generally, there are no age restrictions for using shower steamers. However, always supervise children when using them to ensure they don't ingest or misuse the product.

How should I store shower steamers to preserve their freshness? Store shower steamers in an airtight container or resealable bag to prevent moisture from affecting their quality and scent. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Shipping and Purchase FAQ

General Shipping FAQ

Where do you ship to?

We are so happy to say that we now ship worldwide! Available shipping services vary country to country. Please email us at if you have any questions.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! All Canada and USA orders over $65.00 CAD qualify for free shipping. Please note that free shipping in the USA is tracked, but free shipping in Canada is not tracked. 

How long will it take for my order to be fulfilled?

Most orders are processed the same day, but it can take up to 4 days, depending on when the order was placed. Once we have processed your order, you’ll get an email letting you know it has been fulfilled and shipped from our facility. 

Can I pick up my order?

Yes - If you are able to come collect your order from our facility in Saanichton, BC, Local Pickup from The Nature Bee Hive is a free option! Just choose “Local Pickup” at the checkout when making your shipping selection. You’ll receive an email letting you know when your order is ready. 

Our only pickup location is at the Nature Bee Hive: Unit 20- 6782 Veyaness Road, Saanichton BC V8M2C2, Canada.  We are open Monday - Friday, 8:30am-3:30pm, excluding holidays. Please send an email to if you are no longer able to pick up your order. 

Will I have to pay duties on my order?

United States Orders: 

According to United States Customs and Border Protection, orders valued at $800 or less are exempt from duties, so it is unlikely you will be required to pay any duties. Please note that we cannot make any guarantees regarding applicable duties at this time, and Nature Bee is not responsible for any duties on orders sent outside of Canada.

International Orders:

At this time, yes, most international orders will incur duties, depending on the destination. Please note that we cannot make any guarantees regarding applicable duties at this time, and you are responsible for any duties on your order. Nature Bee is not responsible for any payment of duties, country taxes or import fees.

What if I need to make a change to my order/my shipping address?

The quicker you let us know about any order changes or address corrections, the better! Send an email ASAP to, and we will do our best to intercept your order before it ships. If your order has already been shipped, we cannot change the address. In this case, the order will most likely be returned to us, and we will contact you. In the unlikely event that the order is delivered to the wrong address, we are unfortunately not able to reship or refund your order. 

Do you use sustainable shipping materials and practices? 

Yes, this is always our goal. Waste created during the shipping process is recycled as much as possible, including labels and sticker backs. We ship all orders in FSC Certified paper envelopes and boxes and compostable mailer bags,  in-tact boxes are reused, and we do not use any plastic packaging. Even our tape is recyclable! We are always happy to answer any more sustainability questions or concerns. Please feel free to reach out over email to 

Order Status and Tracking

How can I track the status of my order?

All of our shipping options (excluding Canadian Standard Shipping) include tracking so you can monitor the status of your order. A link to view your tracked order will be included in your shipping confirmation email. Please email if you need help. 

Why can’t I track my order?

If you selected Canadian Standard Shipping: 

This is the only shipping option we offer that does not include tracking - there is no tracking number associated with these packages, so they cannot be tracked at all. Please note, we cannot add tracking to Standard Shipping packages retroactively, and we cannot provide a refund in the unlikely event that an untracked order does not arrive.

If you selected any other shipping option:

You should be able to track your order. If you have a tracking number that doesn’t work, or if you never got a tracking number, please email us at 

How can I tell if my order has been shipped?

We will let you know! You should receive a shipping confirmation email once we have fulfilled and shipped your order. If you haven’t, double check your Junk inboxes - our emails often get filtered into those. If you still have not received your shipping confirmation email 5 days after you placed an order, please send us an email at 

Why haven’t I received my order yet?

Typically, an order should take no longer than 15 business days to arrive. If it has been 15 business days since you received your shipping confirmation email and your order has still not arrived, our first  suggestion is to wait a few more days to see if your order is delayed. If you still haven’t received your order after 22 business days, or for any other shipping inquiries, please contact 

Please note that if you do not select tracked shipping, we will be unable to issue a re-shipment or refund in the unlikely event that your order does not arrive.

Returns and Refunds

What is your return/refund/reshipment policy? 


We do not offer returns. Due to the nature of our products, accepting any product back into our hive is considered unsanitary; If you are unhappy with your products you can email and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Refunds & Reshipments:

Reshipments and refunds may be issued at our discretion on a case-by-case basis. If you are unhappy with your items or your order has not been delivered, email Please note that we cannot issue full refunds or free reshipments for:

  1. Untracked orders lost in the mail system 
  2. Orders misdelivered or returned due to an incorrect shipping address

Please make sure to select a tracked shipping option and double check your shipping address is correct in order to avoid these potential issues. 

I placed an order - why haven’t I received an order confirmation email / shipping confirmation email?

You should automatically get an order confirmation email after you place your order, and a shipment confirmation email once we fulfil your order. Sometimes our emails get filtered into Junk/spam inboxes, so make sure to check there! If you still can’t find the email, you can reach out to us at and we will investigate.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Send us an email to tell us what's up and someone from our Customer Service team will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your order number (if you have one).

Please email us at