The Reusable Ecosystem

The Reusable Ecosystem

2019 Sustainable Gift Guide 

‘Tis the season to start thinking about Christmas shopping! Finding the perfect gift for each person on your list can be stressful to begin with; it doesn’t help to think about how damaging our holiday consumption can be. We’re here to help make your holiday shopping a little less stressful and a lot more fun with these planet-friendly tips for your hive!

Buy local

Buying local is one of the easiest ways to cut down on emissions from shipping. Each time you buy from a local business rather than a major chain, you support your local economy and you make someone’s day. These are some of our favourite local businesses here on Vancouver Island!


The folks at BamBrush have come up with a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush that gets delivered to your door every few months. You can surprise a friend with a year’s supply of BamBrushes - it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Green Room Body Co.

Green Room Body Co. makes plant and mineral-based skincare products that are sustainably-packaged and adventure-friendly! They have amazing shampoo and conditioner bars, and they come in plantable packaging. That’s right - you can plant the box and it’ll grow wildflowers!

Far Out Art

Sarah Jim (Far Out Art) is a talented young artist from W̱SÁNEĆ. She creates beautiful pieces inspired by local flora and fauna, Coast Salish elements, cosmic imagery, dreamy landscapes, and everyday ordinary magic. We love the work she does on vinyl records!

Colibri Canada

This one is a bonus because they’re actually based in St. Adolphe, Manitoba, but we think they’re great so we’ve put them on the list. Colibri makes reusable household items like snack bags, silicone straws, and organic cotton washcloths.

Nature Bee Wraps

Of course we have to give a shout out to Nature Bee Beeswax Wraps! With so many fun colours and patterns, you will be able to find a pack of wraps that suits every person on your list. 

Make instead of buy

Handmade gifts can be both meaningful and practical. They come from the heart and can be totally customized for the recipient. Here’s some of our favourite homemade gift ideas!

    • A succulent terrarium. They’re fun to make, beautiful, and easy for the recipient to maintain.
  • Frozen meals to put in the freezer. For the busy bees in your life, a few nights off dinner duty can be a huge gift.
  • Freshly baked goods. Soft, warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies. Do we need to say more?
  • Homemade candles. Use soy or beeswax as the base and experiment with your favourite essential oils!
  • Vote with your dollar

    One of the most powerful ways you can influence change is to vote with your dollar. This means giving your money to companies you agree with. This could look like supporting fair trade, sustainable practices, or good working conditions. We won’t make any specific suggestions here because it’s up to you to decide what voting with your dollar means to you. 

    Gift experiences instead of things

    The best way to cut down on giving “things” is by giving non-things! Gifting experiences is great because the fun lasts long after the gift is opened. You can gift a night out, a trip out of town, or a recurring event or class. Here’s some of our favourite experience gifts!

    • A cooking class. In Victoria we love The London Chef!
    • A weekend getaway. You can never go wrong with storm watching in Tofino or Ucluelet!
    • Concert or sports tickets. There’s no better way to bond than singing along to your favourite band or cheering for your team. 
    • Hobby classes. Find something you like to do together and sign up for classes. Yoga, pottery, photography, or whatever sparks joy for you!

    Tips from the Nature Bee Community

    We recently did a giveaway with the lovely folks at @BamBrush, @ColibriCanada, @FarOutArt_, and @GreenRoomBodyCo, and learned so many more planet-friendly holiday ideas! Here’s some of our favourites from our community on Instagram:

    • Skip out on traditional wrapping paper. Use newspapers, reusable bags or scarves to wrap your gifts.
    • Buy second-hand tins from the thrift store to put gifts in. They’re being reused and they’re recyclable!
    • Avoid plastic wrap when preparing and storing holiday dinners. Beeswax wraps are a great way to help combat plastic wrap!
    • Don’t use plastic cutlery when having guests over. If you’re running low on reusable cutlery, pick up some extras at a thrift store.
    • Recycle old materials into gift tags. Cut up old cereal boxes or last year’s Christmas cards and decorate them!

    Looking for a way to get some of your Christmas shopping done quickly? Check out Nature Bee’s Christmas Bundle! You’ll get 4 packs of wraps for the price of 3. The perfect stocking stuffers or a year’s supply of beeswax wraps! Happy shopping!


    By: Taylor Lawrence