Tips to Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season

Tips to Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season

With the holidays so close, we are really trying to raise awareness about small businesses and easy ways to support them during the holidays. For many, it has been a very tough year and your help is needed now more than ever.

Whether it's purchasing gifts from local businesses, sharing about them with friends or engaging with their content. All these small actions have a big impact and mean so much! If you're looking for some ways you can support small businesses this year, keep reading!


When looking for gifts this holiday season, try to see if you can find a small business offering the items you are looking for! Small businesses work so hard to offer you the best products, each piece is curated with so much intention. Purchasing from a small business really does make a big difference to them!

Engage with content

If you’re looking for a different way to support a small business, engage with their content! It’s hard to reach everyone, especially with all the changes in the online world. If you see a small business hosting an event, sharing a post on social media or emailing you, join in and participate any way you can! This can be as simple as liking and commenting or sending them a positive message :)

SPread the word

It’s true that word of mouth is so important to small businesses. We love hearing about how you found our products through a friend or someone sharing it online. Purchasing small items from them to give to people in your life who you think would enjoy their products is also a great way for someone to try it out! If you are using a small business’ product, share an image or video with them and tag them in your posts! It all means so much to us! If you find a post or video you like that they posted, share it with your friends and family to help them grow!

Leave a review

We love hearing feedback from our community and that’s the first thing new customers want to hear! They want to know your honest experiences with products. If you can spare a few minutes, find a local business whose products you have tried and leave them a review! It’s a small act that can make a big difference!

We hope this helps you feel inspired to support your local small businesses this holiday season! Which one of these tips will you be trying out this year? Did we miss any?

All these small actions have a big impact and as a small business, we are always so grateful for your support <3