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Foaming Hand Soap Kits | Nature Bee

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  • One 350ml glass foaming hand soap bottle + pump top
  • One dissolvable foaming hand soap tablet 


  1. Fill bottle with 350ml warm filtered water 
  2. Drop in one tablet 
  3. Let tablet dissolve fully
  4. Happy cleaning!


  • Honey Clementine → captures the fresh, tangy scent of orange peel with rich notes of sweet honey
  • Warm Coconut → warm vanilla bean and toasted coconut come together in an elegant tropical blend
  • Unscented → no scent at all, safe for those with sensitivities
  • Sweet Citrus → a bright, refreshing mix of sweet ruby red grapefruit and a hint of lemon
  • Bergamot Lime → fresh lime zest mingled with delicate, floral bergamot blossom
  • Fresh Lemon → a true classic fresh-squeezed lemon scent


  • Sustainable: bottle is refillable & recyclable at end of life
  • Minimal bottle & colourless soap fit in seamlessly with any decor
  • Pump dispenses a light, airy foamed soap
  • Quality heavy glass bottle prevents tipping
  • Tablets are vegan, eco-friendly and biodegradable

For best results use warm filtered or boiled water. Fragile; handle with care. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not consume. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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Foaming Hand Soap Kits | Nature Bee
Foaming Hand Soap Kits | Nature Bee
Foaming Hand Soap Kits | Nature Bee
Foaming Hand Soap Kits | Nature Bee

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great but….

I bought three of these for each bathroom. I don’t know why but after a while each of the pump mechanisms stopped pumping . I called to order a pump but was told it isn’t sold. So now I have sachets and glass bottle but no pump mechanism! Maybe need to rethink the pump OR sell the pumps to replace broken ones!?
Love the product but…can’t use it now!

Estelle Giannakopoulou
Foaming hand soap kits

Excellent product! I will be ordering additional dispensers as well as the tablets. The hand soap is good for the environment (no plastic!) and my hands. I love good quality sustainable products!

Benjamin Lewis
Good for everything but heavy grease

Love the convenience of a foaming handsoap and I haven't been able to find another brand that sells tablets. Good for light duty handwashing, but if I have lots of oil or fat on my hands this soap doesn't cut it (pun intended).

Lori Lavigne

Foaming Hand Soap Kits | Nature Bee

Chelsea Vignola
Excellent Foaming Soap

This is a great product! Absolutely love it. The suds are lovely and the scents are very nice, we got the Sweet Citrus and Bergamot Lime. The tablets dilute really well and the bottle and pump are of really good quality. Will purchase again, and will try out some more of the scents!