Eco Conscious Gift Guide!

Eco Conscious Gift Guide!

With the holidays approaching, we thought we could share some of our favourite eco-friendly items that are perfect for gifting! Whether you’re on the hunt for something special for your parents, friends or neighbours, there is something for everyone in here!

I think it’s safe to say that we all know someone with a phone. Often we forget that our phone cases are made of plastic and when we throw them away, they can leave a footprint. Pela has got you covered! These phone cases are 100% compostable at the end of their lifecycle, meaning you could even have multiple styles to swap out and don't have to worry about them ending up in landfills!


Image by: Pela

Trying to find small sustainable swaps? It doesn’t get much easier than this. Our shampoo and conditioner bottles are often tossed every month or so, so we say let’s get rid of the plastic bottles once and for all! With Good JuJu's shampoo and conditioner bars, there is no waste in the packaging, plus they last even longer!


Image by: Good JuJu

Looking to help someone who wants to make some more sustainable swaps but doesn’t know where to start? This bundle has a little bit of everything! With different bundles to choose from, you can pick whatever fits their needs!


Image by: Nature Bee Wraps

Got a fashion icon or workout enthusiast on your list? Fast fashion is a major contributor to our landfills. Girlfriend Collective did something about it. With limited releases and clothing made out of recycled water bottles and fabric scraps, they are taking us in the right direction. Did we mention they make clothing for all genders?


Image by: Girlfriend Collective

Sometimes all you need is a little something to help kick back and relax. There’s just something special about sipping Strait & Narrow's refreshing, locally brewed beverages while sitting by the fireplace!


Image by: Strait & Narrow

Who wouldn’t want to receive a candle? It's the perfect addition to every room or home. East City Candles are made in Ontario with the most beautiful containers to be reused around your home!


Image by: East City Candles

The gift that keeps on giving! A subscription box is a great way to remind someone that you are always thinking of them and appreciative of them. Sign them up for a year and they’ll be reminded of that. With All True you can rest easy knowing that they source products with intention and support ethical brands.


Image by: All True

The perfect transition to low waste and sustainable products! It doesn’t get much easier than this. Nature Bee Clean's kit allows you to refill your hand soap and multi-purpose spray without tossing away a plastic bottle each time. It has everything you need from glass bottles to the cleaning tablets ready to dissolve!


Image by: Nature Bee Clean

Everyone loves a little pampering! K’Pure began with a mom searching for alternatives to chemical filled products from body care to your home. You can feel good using these organic and handmade products knowing that they are made with intentional ingredients.


Image by: K'Pure

Happy Holidays!

We’d love to see how you stay eco friendly during the holidays, share on instagram and tag us @naturebeewraps :)