Lemony Fresh for Longer

Lemony Fresh for Longer

Are you tired of throwing away your fruits and veggies simply because they went bad before you could get to eating them? Seems like it's time to use beeswax wraps!

Beeswax wraps can keep your produce fresh for up to 3x longer than plastic wrap. Of course, this depends on the state of your food item prior to wrapping. Nonetheless, this dramatically cuts down on food waste as well as single use plastics!

Don’t believe us? We put it to the test! Here are photos from our experiment where we tested out the long lasting effects of beeswax wraps vs. plastic wrap vs unwrapped food.

For our experiment, we compared the state of three lemon halves when wrapped in beeswax wraps, plastic wrap, and when left unwrapped.  

They were left in our fridge, undisturbed for 2 weeks. Here are the results!




As you can see, the left image displays the lemon wrapped in our beeswax wrap. This lemon has kept its bright, yellow colouring and has also managed to remain juicy to the touch. We noticed that this lemon also managed to keep its fragrant scent, you will have to take my word on this 😋.

The centre photo shows the lemon that was wrapped in plastic wrap. It has crusted around the edges which has resulted in some slight browning. While mainly dry to the touch, this lemon did have patches of juiciness. In addition, no scent emitted from this lemon.

The lemon that was unwrapped was completely dry to the touch with lots of browning around the edges as well. Similar to the plastic wrapped lemon, this lemon did not have any scent to it as well.

Although all the lemons seemed to keep fairly well, it is obvious that the beeswax wrapped lemon was kept the freshest. It remained bright, fresh and juicy within the 2 weeks while the others showed signs of deterioration.

To add to our experiment victory, it was proven in an independent study that Nature Bee beeswax wraps actually inhibit the growth Bacillus subtilis aka bacteria! So you know that using our wraps will help your food last longer from a scientific standpoint.

Beeswax wraps can be used to help preserve produce items, cheese, bread, fresh herbs and more! Simply, wrap your desired food item in a compact fashion. Your hands will warm and activate the wax. Once cooled the wax hardens, creating a tight seal. Voila, no more spoiled food.


Want your food to last longer? Simply use our beeswax wraps!