Ready for a Redesign

Ready for a Redesign

With the end of February nearing, we decided it was time to redesign one of our signature packs. That’s right, When Life Gives You Lemons is getting a facelift!

Our in-studio designer, Emily Mackin, has been hard at work coming up with the perfect new lemon pack. Still lemony, still fresh, simply brighter and more fun!

The Design Process

We found Emily’s process very interesting and thought you might enjoy it too!

I sat down with Emily to get the scoop on how it all works.

Step 1: New Designs Needed

When starting the design process, Emily and Katie first choose a theme. This theme can be new, or it could be a re-design of one of our previous patterns. In this case, the “When Life Gives You Lemons” pack was chosen! From there, Emily does some design research on inviting colours and cool patterns that might work well together.

She then will look at the previous “When Life Gives You Lemons” pack and examine what elements worked well on it and what could be improved.

Step 2: Colours, Colours, Colours!

Once she has gathered this information, she starts to work on the colour palette.

Emily combines colours that go well with each other and that accurately represent the chosen theme. Colour palettes can range from a mere four colours, up to 12! It really all depends on what Emily thinks works! We trust her artistic vision 😊.

Step 3: Perfect Patterns

After the colours are chosen, it's time to think about the patterns! Emily must put together three new designs; one for our large, medium and small beeswax wrap.

Time to illustrate!

Emily will begin the illustration process next. This part of the process is done on her iPad. Once she has designed a number of “elements”, Emily sends the images to her computer, where she is able to blueprint them into a pattern that will fit on our wraps! Illustrating takes some time! Emily works hard on ensuring that all patterns mesh well together and are visually pleasing.

Step 4: Presentation

Once Emily has completed the illustration process for all three sizes of wraps, they are presented to Katie.

Last but not least, Emily will fine-tune anything that needs tweaking and boom! New beeswax wrap design is complete!

Keep your eyes open for this new pack coming this summer!

P.S. The "When Life Gives You Lemons" Pack is currently on sale!