Planet Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Planet Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Sustainable Gift list for the holidays 2020

As the days get shorter and we start to dust off our beanies, we’re quickly reminded that the holiday season is among us! We can’t wait to be spending more time with our loved ones and celebrating all of the wonderful holidays that the cold weather brings.

During these times we love to spoil our friends and family with gifts, as many of you probably do too. While we’re all for that, it’s also important to recognize the negative impacts that mass consumerism has on the environment, especially at such a busy time like this. For that reason, we made a quick list of eco-conscious gifting ideas, full of companies that are doing their part to protect the environment while providing quality goods!

  1. Reusable thermal coffee mug
  2. Candles that plant trees
  3. Reusable food wrap that gives to the community
  4. Washing bag that saves the guppies
  5. Plastic free hair care that works
  6. Biodegradable phone case that cleans the ocean
  7. Protective masks made from up-cycled fabric  
  8. Mama approved skincare
  9. Ethical and low-waste makeup
  10. Quality, carbon neutral jewelry


Reusable thermal coffee mug

Brand: Klean Kanteen

As a company that is B Corp and Climate Neutral certified, as well as a member of 1% for the Planet, Klean Kanteen knows what they’re doing when it comes to creating planet friendly drinkware. We chose to include their Insulated TKWide coffee mugs since it’s something that everyone can use! Switching over to reusable coffee mugs is easier than you might think! A small switch like this will naturally make you more conscious of how much single-use waste is produced on the daily. A bonus of this mug by Klean Kanteen is that it’s 4 times more durable than other mugs which means even less waste! Plus, there’s a colour option for everyone and anyone.


Candles that plant trees

Brand: Mala the Brand

For every purchase made, this trendy Vancouver based candle company plants a tree! They’ve partnered with Tree Era and Trees for the Future to plant trees globally! Not only are you able to give brilliantly scented candles to your friends and family, but you’re able to give back to the planet at the same time. What’s not to love! From scents like Cereal all the way to Fireside, there’ll surely be a scent for everyone on your list.


Reusable food wraps that give back to the community

Brand: Nature Bee

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Proudly made in Victoria, BC, our beeswax wraps are the perfect stocking stuffer! We have varying prints from a Pacific Northwest pack all the way to a Chef’s Kiss pack. Not only are you eliminating the use of single-use plastic waste in your day-to-day life, but by supporting Nature Bee, you’re also supporting the community! Every month we choose a new charity in the community to donate a portion of our profits too. In the past we’ve partnered with nonprofit organizations like the Mustard Seed as well as Surfrider Vancouver Island.


Washing bag that saves the guppies

Brand: Guppyfriend

With profits going towards micro plastic and ocean pollution education, Guppyfriend provides a solution to the problem of micro plastics entering our waters from doing our laundry! When washed in the washing machine, our synthetic fabrics let out micro plastics and fibres that harm our oceans but with Guppyfriend’s washing bag, you’re able to capture all the gunk while protecting your clothes from excessive fibre shedding. The Guppyfriend washing bag should be a staple in everyone’s laundry room and what better way than this to make sure all your friends are educated in the harmfulness of synthetic fabrics!


plastic free hair care that actually works

Brand: Green Room Body Co.

Our good friends over at Green Room Body know what they’re doing when it comes to natural, plastic-free shampoo and conditioner! Handcrafted locally in Victoria, BC Green Room Body’s shampoo and conditioner bars are a crowd favourite over at the Nature Bee Hive. With the goal to create sustainably packaged self care products, the Suds Shampoo bars and Silk Conditioner bars are a great gift to give to your eco-conscious pals. All of their products are plant and mineral based which means there won’t be any harmful chemicals entering your body through the skin! Truly a staple to give your loved ones since the amount of plastic waste in the shower is often overlooked.


biodegradable phone case that cleans the ocean

Brand: Pela Case

Another B Corp and Climate Neutral certified and member of 1% for the Planet on our list is Pela Case! Started not too far from the island in Kelowna, BC, Pela offers beautiful phone cases and tech accessories made of fully biodegradable materials. With every purchase, Pela donates a percentage of profits to ocean cleanup and preservations initiatives. They often have sales going on so keep your eyes peeled!


Protective masks made from up-cycled fabric

Brand: All And Extra

Protect your loved ones this holiday season with handmade protective fabric masks from All And Extra. Our friend Dre handmakes each and every mask out of up-cycled fabric here in Victoria! Not only are they super stylish, but it’s definitely something that everyone can use right now. If you’re feeling extra snazzy, grab one of their mask chains as well to keep your mask on you at all times.


Mama approved skincare

Brand: K'Pure

Started by a mama named Karen in Vancouver, BC, K’Pure makes all-natural skincare products and more! After finding out her aluminum deodorant was affecting the health of her breastfeeding son, Karen was determined to make safe selfcare products for the public. Pick up a Basic Four Step Skincare Package and bless your friends and family with healthy, glowing skin this holiday season.


Ethical, low-waste makeup

Brand: Elate Cosmetics

Makeup is an area that most of us don’t think too hard about when it comes to wastefulness or sustainability. With the goal to make waste free makeup products, Elate Cosmetics is all about creating cruelty-free and sustainable makeup. Start gifting Elate Cosmetics to those makeup enthusiasts and help them jump start their journey towards becoming eco-conscious consumers!


Quality, carbon neutral jewelry

Brand: Ana Luisa Jewelry

Who doesn’t love receiving some beautiful jewelry during the holidays? The last but certainly not least company on our list is Ana Luisa Jewelry! They are a carbon neutral jewelry brand that makes high quality, yet affordable jewelry that is made to last. With no harsh markups that other jewelry brands may have, Ana Luisa carries a beautifully diverse range of luxurious pieces. If you’re in the market to gift some jewelry this year, they’re definitely worth checking out!

We hope that this list inspires you to shop eco-consciously this holiday season! Other ways to be a mindful consumer is to support small businesses and shop local when you can. Another useful thing to note is that shipping companies are extra busy this year so if you're doing your holiday shopping online, be sure to get your orders in early.

If you read all the way to the bottom here is special little gift for you.

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