How to use shower steamers!

How to use Shower Steamers

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    Step 1

    Position the shower steamer in your shower where it can become slightly damp (but not soaked)

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    Step 2

    Start your shower and allow it to become warm and filled with steam.

  • shower fizzes bomb sitting on the shower floor submerged in water fizzing and bubbling

    Step 3

    Watch the steamer fizz and release its aromatic scents.

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    Step 4

    If any of the steamer remains, remove it from the shower and allow it to thoroughly dry for future use.

Why We Love Shower Steamers

This image lists all the ingredients of our sustainable, natural shower steamers and why we use each ingredient! Ingredients are also listed below in the FAQ

Clean & Simple Ingredients

You and your body deserve the most simple and clean ingredients - That's why we've cut out all the unnecessary ingredients, and kept only the good stuff <3

Shower Steamer FAQs

How long do Shower Steamers last?

We recommend a 6 month shelf life for unused shower steamers. A single shower steamer can last anywhere from 1 - 5+ showers depending on how much direct water contact it gets during your shower, as well as how long you like your showers to be!

What are they made of?

Sodium Bicarbonate (helps shower steamer fizz), Citric Acid (helps shower steamer fizz), Corn Starch (holds the shower steamer together and slows dissolving time), Witch Hazel (protects and distributes oils ), Menthol crystal (promotes congestion releif),Eucalyptus essential oil (cooling and relaxing).

Are they going to clog my drain?

Nope! Some other shower steamers contain clay as a bonding agent, which can coat and clog your drain. Our shower steamers are free of clay, and are made of ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate and citric acid that actually help clean your drain!

What do they smell like?

Our shower steamers are eucalyptus mint, and are a very clear and refreshing scent!

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