Keep your Beeswax Wraps Sparkling! A Refreshing Guide to Easy Cleaning

Keep your Beeswax Wraps Sparkling! A Refreshing Guide to Easy Cleaning

Nature Bee Beeswax Wraps are a delightful and sustainable alternative to plastic wraps, ensuring your food stays fresh while helping our Earth breathe easier! As these eco-friendly wraps become a staple in your kitchen, knowing how to properly clean them is essential to keep them in top-notch condition. In this guide, we'll share how we like to clean Beeswax Wraps!

Embrace the Coolness of Cold Water

When it comes to cleaning your Beeswax Wraps, remember the secret ingredient: cold water! Cold water is the gentlest way to remove food residues without compromising the integrity of the wrap. The cool temperature prevents the beeswax from melting, ensuring your wraps stay as good as new after each wash!

Use Gentle and Alcohol-Free Soap

Opt for a mild, alcohol-free soap that treats your Beeswax Wraps with the utmost care! Harsh chemicals and alcohol can strip away the beeswax coating, reducing the wrap's effectiveness and lifespan. Instead, wash your wraps with a gentle soap that cleans without harming their eco-friendly essence.

Get to Cleaning! 3 Easy Methods

  1. For small messes, use a Swedish Dishcloth and wipe away any residue on your wraps!

  2. For large messes, rinse off your Beeswax Wrap with cold water. Take your gentle alcohol free soap and scrub away residue. Lastly, give your wrap another good rinse!

  3. For a deep clean, soak your Beeswax Wraps. Fill a bowl with cold water and add a dash of your chosen gentle alcohol free soap. Swish the wraps in the soapy water, ensuring every inch gets a relaxing soak. Allow the wraps to rest and unwind for a few minutes, releasing any trapped food particles.

Air Dry and Revel in the Freshness

After cleaning your Beeswax Wraps, lay them flat on a towel or hang them to dry! This gentle drying process ensures your wraps remain pristine, ready to embrace the next culinary adventure! Just make sure they are placed to dry out of direct sunlight!

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