NEW Dishwashing Tablets

Tough stains? No problem.

Comparison image 1: a white plate with tough red and yellow food stains from pasta sauce all over the plate

Comparison image two: after using Nature Bee dishwasher tablets, the plate is stain free, sparkling, and bright white.

How To Use Dishwasher Tablets

  • How to use dishwasher tablets image one shows a dishwasher with a bright yellow background. the yellow dish tab box is sitting on the open washer and a hand is holding one of the tablets

    Step 1

    Take one dishwasher tablet (1 tablet = 1 load of dishes).

  • how to use dishwasher tablets image 2: hand is placing a tablet into the detergent compartment.

    Step 2

    Place tablet in the detergent compartment of your dishwasher.

  • How to use dishwasher tablets 3: finger is pressing the on button on the dishwasher to run a normal cycle

    Step 3

    Run your dishwasher on a normal cycle.

  • How to use dishwasher tablets 3: Hand is holding a sparkly clean dish in front of the dishwasher

    Step 4

    Enjoy sparkly clean dishes!

Dishwasher Tablet FAQs

What are your dishwasher tablets made of?

SODIUM CHLORIDE, Citrate trisodique dihydrate, SODIUM CARBONATE PEROXIDE, SODIUM SILICATE, SODIUM CARBONATE, Granulation Excipient, ALCOHOLS, C16-18, ETHOXYLATED, Polycarboxylates, TAED, Plant extract, Subtilisin, CELLULOSE GUM, GLYCERIN, Amylase, alpha-, AQUA, Polycarboxylates, PARFUM

Contains: Subtilisin

Do I have to take off the lining around the tablet?

Nope! The lining surrounding our tablets is water soluble.

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