Wedding/Bridal Gifts

We create the perfect custom beeswax wraps for your bridal shower or Wedding!


1. We can customize the colour of our beeswax wraps to suit your needs. If you would like all blue, just flowers, or all birds. Send us your inquiry and we can see what we can find. We can not guarantee that we will be able to find exactly what you want but we would love to give it a shot! 

2. We can customize the packaging with your name and other special writing on it. 

3. We can customize the packages as well if you would like to match your theme, or bridal shower design. You can also put a custom logo on it or any other design you have in mind! 


Checkout a couple of our most recent designs:



Ready to order some for your Brides mades? Click here to contact us! Let us know:

1) How many you need.

2) What design you have in mind.

3) and the date you need them by! We will get you a quote and help you create the perfect gift! 

You can also checkout some of our pre-made designs on our shop for inspiration! 

All of our wraps are 100% natural, made with the highest quality ingredients, compostable, washable, long lasting, and made in British Columbia, Canada! They work great on almost any food/item and are a colourful way to minimize your ecological footprint! Watch the video on our home page to learn more!