FAQ: What is a beeswax wrap?

FAQ: What is a beeswax wrap?

We talk a lot about how a beeswax wrap takes plastic out of landfills and ocean; how a beeswax wrap can reduce food waste; and how a beeswax wrap can keep more chemicals away from your food. But, when we really thought about it, we haven't talked too much about what a beeswax wrap really is!

First... why do Beeswax Wraps matter?

Nature Bee Beeswax Wraps are an efficient, durable, and long lasting alternative to plastic wrap. Nature Bee was created to help make an impact on two major issues: plastic waste and food waste.

Plastic Waste
A 2019 study revealed that in just a six month period "...nearly 80 million Americans had used at least one roll of plastic wrap..." and "...more than five million Americans had gone through more than 10 million boxes.". We know 91% of global plastic isn't recycled and that 300 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans each year. Plastic waste is a serious problem that requires serious changes in consumption behaviour. As each Nature Bee Wrap lasts 300 uses with proper care we are helping prevent 900 to 3,200 pieces of plastic from entering our oceans and landfills, per customer, per year.

Food Waste
A shocking 35.5 million tonnes of food is wasted each year in Canada alone. That comes out to 58% of Canada’s total food production according to a CBC article posted in early 2019. What does that look like on a global scale? 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted globally each year. Nature Bee Wraps keeps food fresher for longer - 3x longer. Nature Bee is helping make a small difference in food waste by keeping more fresh food in the plates of our customers and less in their organic bins. We wrote a blog dedicated to food waste, read it here.


Beeswax wraps are a simple but beautiful thing. You can use a Nature Bee Beeswax Wrap almost anywhere that you would a standard piece of plastic wrap. Whether you are wrapping snacks, taking lunches to go, meal prepping in casserole dishes or  have left overs in bowls, Nature Bee has got you covered! Each Nature Bee Wrap is made with 100% cotton, Vancouver Island sourced beeswax, pine tree resin, and jojoba oil. Each of these natural ingredients comes together to make a sticky, pliable, efficient and easy to use beeswax wrap that will last 1 year with proper care. Let's take a look at each ingredient.

The Cotton
Cotton is the base of a beeswax wrap - it's what makes it a wrap! Our beautifully patterned cotton is 100% organic and GOTS Certified. We are pretty proud of this as GOTS is the world's leading processing standard for organic textiles which verifies production on rigorous social and environmental inputs and outputs. 

The Beeswax
Beeswax creates a coating that makes our wraps feel solid and smell amazing! It also creates a coating that allows food to breathe without suffocating it. More importantly, it contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which will keep your food fresher for longer. The high-quality beeswax we use in each wrap is sourced from small British Columbian producers.

The Pine Tree Resin
Pine tree resin can be thanked for giving our wraps that tacky stick that helps them adhere to bowls and around produce. It is so important that your wraps have enough Pine Tree Resin that they stay stuck around bowls and produce. If they do not have enough stick to the food the wraps may unfold over time and not keep your food as fresh as it does not have that airtight seal. Make sure to use the warmth of your hands to help your wrap stick to itself. 

The Jojoba Oil
Jojoba (HO-HO-BA) oil makes our wraps pliable so that they can properly bend around any food product or bowl without cracking. Our 100% organic jojoba oil also contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well. 

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