What is a Concentrated Multi-Purpose  Spray Tablet?

What is a Concentrated Multi-Purpose Spray Tablet?

Have you ever heard of a Nature Bee Concentrated Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaning Tablet? If you haven’t, today we are going to share with you everything you need to know about our Multi-Purpose Spray Tablets!

What is a Concentrated Multi-Purpose Spray Tablet?

Let’s start with the main question, what is a concentrated multi-purpose spray tablet? They are water-soluble tablets that have equal cleaning capabilities as traditional cleaning products.

Our concentrated Multi-Purpose Spray Tablets are perfect for cleaning a variety of surfaces! Nature Bee Cleaning Spray Tablets are eco-friendly, affordable, and easy to use!

How do you use a Concentrated Multi-Purpose Spray Tablet?

How do you use dissolvable cleaning tablets? It’s actually easier than you think! Follow these steps to use our Multi-Purpose Spray Tablet:


  1. Grab your Nature Bee Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray Kit! Already have your own bottle? No worries! Grab your Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray Tablet!

  2. Fill your reusable bottle with 500ml of warm filtered water. For best results, we recommend using filtered water. You can use tap water, however we advise you to check your hard water conditions beforehand! The mineral content in hard water can affect the tablet's performance.

  3. Drop your cleaning tablet in, recycle the tablet packaging, and watch it dissolve. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes for the tablet to fully dissolve.

  4. Once dissolved, pop the spray lid on and clean away!


For more information check out our How it Works Hub!

How are Concentrated Cleaning Tablets Eco-Friendly?

We briefly mentioned that our concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray Tablets are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning liquids, but how?

Everytime you purchase a Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray Tablet, you save one plastic bottle from entering the landfill! Repurposing and reusing bottles significantly reduces waste. Think about all the plastic pollution you are preventing!

Plus, by using water to fill up your bottle at home you are lowering transportation emissions!

Each Nature Bee Cleaning Tablet requires minimal packaging. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and we use zero plastic!

Last but not least, Nature Bee Cleaning Tablets are made from all natural ingredients. Don’t believe us? Check out our How it Works Hub for more information on our ingredients!  

Did you know we not only have Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray Tablets but we also have Bathroom Cleaning Spray Tablets! Who’s ready to try our cleaning tablets?!

That’s it folks, all you need to know about our Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaning Tablets! If you have any other questions do hesitate to check out our instagram @naturebeegoods or send us a message :)